Friday, May 16, 2008

Fire at Giants' Ballpark

Smoke billowed out of the side of the Giants ballpark just before 10.30 pm last night occasioning an enormous emergency response. Within minutes the side street and edge of McCovey Cove were filled with emergency response vehicles with flashing lights and crews.

The fire was in a food kiosk high up on one of the levels near to the corner of the street and cove. It was quickly extinguished by firefighters using a long ladder positioned from the cove to gain access.

Battalion Chief Kirk Richardson said, 'It was a large fire in a food kiosk. It burnt real fast. Our firefighters put it out with in-house equipment.' He added that they were now trying to determine the cause of the fire.

A Giants' game against the Astros had been played earlier in the evening but was over when the fire started.

Jade, who works nearby, was sitting in her car when she saw the start of the fire.

'I noticed that there was a small fire on the top floor of the ballpark and I was telling my sister that I noticed it was getting bigger. Then I saw a guy and it seemed like he was trying to put it out but it was getting bigger and bigger.

I noticed that it started spreading towards the back (by the cove). Then the lights went out and it all started happening.'

The emergency response was huge. Battalion Chief Richardson said there were two fire trucks, four engines, one medical ambulance, a Paramedic Captain whose role is to supervise medical emergencies, a heavy rescue squad, a Division Chief and his operator, two Battalion Chiefs, one of whom was still up by the kiosk as we spoke, and four police units.

But he also said he knew the ballpark well and so had not been worried about the possibility of people being trapped there.

'It's my first response area. I wasn't concerned about people being trapped in the fire because I know it well and knew the fire was in an open area,' he said. 'But we were prepared anyway.'

Many of the emergency units, sirens blaring and lights flashing, tore down 4th Street and turned up King Street to reach the ballpark and fill the side street with crews and equipment. It was a hugely impressive response.

On behalf of all Giants fans...thank you, guys!

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