Sunday, June 7, 2009

4th Street Bridge closes again - this time for a whole day

Bells sounded all day near the AT&T Ballpark for repairs of the historic 4th Street bridge at China Basin. The bridge was raised early Saturday morning, and not closed until the end of the day, causing diversions and delays for people in the area.

The MUNI T line terminated at Caltrain, and a replacement bus service was in effect all day. Warnings about the disruption were posted electronically on the MUNI boards for some days prior to the closure.

Talking a leisurely stroll past the bridge in both the morning and afternoon hours, little could be seen of the work that was going on, save for some large lumber being lowered into the bowels of the bridge mechanism.

Either way, the bridge reopened to traffic and the T streetcar line later that evening as normal service was resumed. There is no word from MUNI or the Port Authority about whether the work is complete, or whether we will have to endure more closures in the future.

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