Saturday, August 15, 2009

'Let's Go Fly a Kite!'

Over 70 children coloured kites and clutched strings as 'let's go fly a kite!' was a popular activity in the picturesque Mission Creek Park today.

The children designed and assembled their own kites and flew them, their mums and dads having just as much fun.

'It's great, it's the first time I've been here,' said Cindy, watching six-year-old Brandon draw with crayons on his kite in the pavilion.

Brandon meticulously explained his design: an airport, airplanes, lots of trains on the tracks and a broken wheel.

Was he looking forward to flying it?

'Yes!' he said.

Kite Day was staged by the Mission Bay Parks System, part of whose role is to provide community events. This is the second time they have had a kite-flying day for the public, and have just held two others for day camps for UCSF, whose new campus is behind the park.

Property Manager, Carolyn, was pleased by the response. Over 70 people had made an RSVP on behalf of children and others had just showed up.

'At Mission Bay you have wind and you have children!' she said, though she added, as she stood in the sun enjoying the kites, that the day had not turned out to be as windy as usual.

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