Friday, November 23, 2007

First Thanksgiving in San Fran

Our first Thanksgiving was a lovely peaceful day.

We walked along the Bay to a restaurant where we sat upstairs in the sun overlooking the water. After turkey and mash and pumpkin pie we did an ambulatory Turkey Trot onto Fisherman's Wharf and beyond to Ghiradelli - of chocolate fame - Square, and back again! About eight miles in all!!

Like Christmas Day at home the roads and waterway were much quieter, though it was interesting to see that Safeways and Walgreens, the pharmacy, were open. Hopefully this is not setting a trend for UK supermarkets.

Small restaurants and businesses were closed but the nearer we drew to Fisherman's Wharf the more it resembled a normal tourist day. Even the Bay ferries were operating a limited service. And there were quite a few people who obviously were not slaving over a giant bird but were spending the day walking, cycling or rollar blading along the Bay.

But strangely we could find no news programmes on our TV channel package - albeit a reduced selection - in the evening, never mind any mention of the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. And a trawl of CNN's website drew a blank. It would have been good to have seen them publicly acknowledged.

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