Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ferry to Sausalito

On one of the Blue & Gold Fleet bay cruisers we crossed to Sausalito. Past Alcatraz and Angel Island State Park, docking briefly at Tiburon and on to Sausalito.

Sausalito, Spanish for 'little willow grove', is a picturesque, waterfront town of some 7,000 population, sitting at the end of the Golden Gate Bridge. Its main street is full of tourist shops, art galleries and little eateries. We chose Horizons restaurant.

Named after the ranch of an early 19th Century English settler, Sausalito housed a major shipbuilding company for the United States Navy in the Second World War and today is noted for art, presenting an annual art festival over Labor Day weekend.

For many, the fun is to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge - cycle-hire for tourists - and return by ferry. The ferry trip over is about 40 mins but back direct by catamaran on water turned pink in the late afternoon sun was about 10 mins.

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