Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer in San Francisco! 13 May 2008

It's summer in San Francisco!

The city is basking in what is likely to be one of the hottest weeks in the year. Temperatures are in the 90s and are forecast to climb into 'three digits' - as the newscasters say - over at least the next two days.

And there is no surer sign of summer in the city than this stunning display of attire and tattoo. Susan's proud-as-a-peacock arm and rainbow-hued dress lit up the area as she waited for a bus on Market Street.

Susan loves tattoos. The peacock, which covers half her arm, made its feathery debut last year and she had her first tattoo at the age of 14 years.

But alas, San Fran will not see much of her over the summer as she is preparing to migrate to London for three months.

'I'll be doing a work-study programme. I'm an Art History Major so I'll be taking classes for the first six weeks and then interning at the Westminster Archives,' she said.

She has visited London once before as a child. 'I don't remember a lot,' she said. 'I remember climbing to the top of the Tower of London and the Changing of the Guard, and that's about it. But I'm a complete Anglophile,' she enthused. 'I love British humour, Britpop and Sixties mod rock.'

The streets of London may not be paved with gold but they will be all the brighter for her presence.

PS Pigeons of Trafalgar Square take note: you have a rival coming!

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