Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Audience with 'Get Smart' Actors

Two top actors in the newly-released film 'Get Smart' gave a lively and humorous audience in the Apple Store in San Fran this evening.

Masi Oka, of Heroes, and Nate Torrence star as gadget designers Bruce and Lloyd in the action comedy. Before meeting the actors, the trailer of the film was screened followed by a clipping of their soon-to-be-released companion film, Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control.

The guys are on a hectic promotion tour coast to coast. 'It's pretty insane. It was a big movie to publicise,' said Nate. Yet compere Mark commented that backstage in the store the two were 'laughing hysterically like they hadn't seen each other for weeks!'

Obviously, it was a big change from Heroes. 'It is like a dream come true...I got to improvise a lot. Movies are different from TV, both have their 'pro's,' said Masi.

They were both highly complimentary of starring actor Steve Carell of the American Office fame. 'He's like a teacher,' said Masi, with Nate adding that approval from Steve was like getting a 'merit Girl Scout cookies!'

After some informed questions about the writers and director, someone asked for anecdotes. Nate recounted wrecking a specially-made Swiss army knife on the first take, and a tale of elbow pads! Having had to faint on a tiled floor 'over and over' he was handed a pair of protective elbow pads only to discover they had the name 'G Clooney' on them. 'Some elbows! Sexy!' he quipped.

'Would any lady or gentleman from the audience like to kiss his elbows?!' added compere Mark.

Was the film fun? 'It was like being in camp every day...crazy stunts...get beat up,' said Masi. He added that also working with Steve Carell for the first time was fun. 'You just admire, idolise him,' he said.

But the questions from the audience also ranged from quirky to personal.

Last You Tube pulled up?

Nate: an interview with someone with a really high voice that cracked up the interviewer.

Masi: 'Where in the world is Matt?' a spoof on NBC's travel feature with Matt Lauer. This Matt is pictured dancing in '600 different countries!' said Masi.

The hottest, ie most attractive, actress worked with?

Anne Hathaway - who co-stars in the film - said Masi.

'I'm married. I have two kids,' said Nate. 'My wife is the hottest person I've ever worked with!'

Favourite book?

Masi: 'I am American', a humorous book by Steve Colbert.

Nate: A book about a guy who writes to corporations for freebies.

Heroes has a huge following judging from the audience comments. What was more fun, asked someone, Heroes or Get Smart?

Both, said Masi. The advantage of the film was the amount of improvisation he could do. But with Heroes he said, 'it has a lot more special effects. You get to work with people you're comfortable with, a family.'

Music preferences? 'Eclectic stuff,' said Nate and listed MIA, Magnetic Fields and Spoon. 'I like some bizarre, crazy stuff,' he said.

'These days I've been playing Rock Band a lot,' said Masi, and a cheer went up from the audience.

Someone asked a question on geeks!

'Being a geek means that you're passionate about's to be human,' said Masi, rather than to be like a robot.

Teachers of influence? asked another person.

'I just got an email from my Principal,' said Nate, explaining that he was from a very small town that supported him to the hilt.

For Nate it was a maths teacher. 'I was raised by a single mum so he was like a father to me,' he said.

Asked about how they started in acting, they both studied theatre and eventually made their way to LA. Nate started performing in Chicago, Masi moved to San Fran and trained in effects. He described his move to LA and acting as 'kind of on a whim...I wanted to give acting a shot,' he said.

Again, a question moved back to Heroes. One of the achievements of the series was it's diversity, Masi said, proud of the fact that it has advanced Asian Americans.

As to the future, there is a DVD with extra film material from Get Smart soon to be released. A sequel depends on box office takings. Nate is in two other new films, 'My Best Friend's Girl' and a lead role in 'She's Out of My League' due out next spring.

Masi has 25 episodes of Heroes and hopes to direct in the future.

The Audience was filmed by Apple and will be online as a podcost in about two weeks' time.

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