Friday, July 11, 2008

New iPhone Launched

Enthusiasm for the new iPhone hit the streets of San Fran this morning as hundreds queued outside the Apple Store.

But it seems it was not without technical hitches. First man in the queue, Dale, who camped in a tent for 36 hours, took over TWO HOURS to emerge from the store, and when he did Apple had given him a FREE phone to compensate.

There were problems, it seems, with service provider AT and T, exactly what is not known at this stage.

'Disappointing,' said Dale.

A 'mobile strategist' himself, who works with the business and marketing aspects of mobiles, he said, 'I'm less concerned about myself than I am about the industry.'

But with free phone finally secured, he was upbeat about his 36-hour camping experience.

'Being in line was a fun process. I got to meet people and have conversations I don't normally have,' he said, adding that once inside the store he had had to return to the pavement at the request of the police to move his tent.

Did he sleep? Apparently so. With a mattress, sleeping bag and earplugs, Dale entered the Land of Nod. For food, he ordered pizza and well-trained friends also kept him supplied.

'I figure if you're going to camp, you might as well do it in style!' he said.

But for a man who had just spent 36 hours in a tent on a pavement, he was remarkably well-groomed, a fact that also caught the attention of Sukhjit and Rachael, who were outside the store sending live video onto the Seesmic social networking site.

'Did you take your suit off?' asked Sukhjit.

'Yes,' said Dale, 'I took the suit off!'

'Why did you want to be first in line?' said Rachael.

'Because I didn't want to be the second!' he replied.

As he left, I spoke to Tom Krazit, writer with CNET Networks, who was also beside us. Tom is a tech industry journalist specialising in coverage of Apple, who had set up his laptop on a conveniently-placed metal cover opposite the store's entrance.

His report was going online to his editor in an office down the street, and then straight onto the internet.

Of Dale's problems with the iPhone connection he said, 'It might take a couple of days to really know what happened.'

For updated info keep in touch with him at

In the interim, iPhone fans continued to pour into the Apple store in well-controlled batches, with staff applauding each new arrival.

More interviews with iPhone fans on the way...

Pics above show Dale, on right, and street at 9 am.

For album of pics click here, and click to enlarge.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I will wait a little longer to pick one up, until they get over the glitches.

Good report Liz