Monday, December 7, 2009

Mavericks Close Call

The 24 say 'No!' to an official competition on Wednesday, but some of the finest surfers waiting to compete at Mavericks are still flying over to surf at Half Moon Bay.

'The 24 have voted and the result is no to Mavericks 2009 on Wednesday,' says the Mavericks tweet at 1.50 pm Monday, December 7.

Surfing fans around the world have been waiting eagerly for the result of the surfers' votes that would tell them whether the illustrious Mavericks Surf Competition would be called for this Wednesday. Waves in the region of 40 ft to 50 ft, if not more, are being searched for, and when The Call is made, the 24 invitees to one of the most dangerous surfing sites in the world, will have only 24 hours to get there.

Another tweet continues, 'The guys are telling us that a bunch of them including those in Hawaii will still be on the swell at Mavs. We'll be right there with them.'

The season window of November 1, 2009, to March 31, 2010, is expected to produce some gigantic swells because of El Nino.

For now, though, some great surfing is to be seen this week at Half Moon Bay.

And the waiting continues!

Further info:

pic of the Opening Ceremony by Chris Flowers