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Mavericks 2009/2010 Contest Viewing Options

Breaking news....Mavericks surf contestants are 'still keeping an eye mostly on Wednesday, but need the wind to cooperate. Stay tuned.'...says their latest tweet

While some of the world's greatest big-wave surfers battle out a contest in hoped for humongous 40 ft to 50 ft waves, surfing fans will have a first-time opportunity to glimpse the action from an airship.

Seated warm and comfortably and with a bird's eye view, airborne fans will be able to float over Mavericks, at Half Moon Bay, in the Zepplin 'Eureka.'

It is the world's largest airship and the latest addition to the viewing arsenal being prepared by Mavericks Surf Ventures, organizers of the contest, who are seeking ways to enable millions of fans to watch the action live.

The contest revolves around 24 of some of the world's most elite big-wave surfers who are keeping eyes, some from long distance, on the waves at Half Moon Bay, less than an hour away from San Francisco. When the waves are deemed mighty enough and the contest is called, they will have 24 hours to get there.

Viewing options are essential for the contest as its popularity is swelling and the beach near the infamous Mavericks surf break is small and surrounded by a natural wildlife area.

The airship is a novelty for the very few, carrying 12 passengers for half an hour at a time with an extra 15 minutes at the contest finale. Mavericks organizers have keyed into the accoutrements of the digital age as never before.

Fans around the world will be able to link into live webcasts on the official Mavericks' website, and also for the first time, on Facebook and Ustream, giving an interactive opportunity.

For fans 'on the go,' FLO TV will broadcast on mobile handsets, the FLO TV™ Personal Television and on soon-to-be-launched in-car entertainment systems.

The San Francisco Giants are to host a major community viewing event at their baseball park, relaying the surfers' performances onto the jumbotron and also big screens at Club level.

A smaller, free live viewing opportunity for those in the East Bay will be at Miss Pearl’s Jam House in Oakland.

For the privileged few, there are close-to-the-action boat tours captained by experienced local pilots.

Mavericks CEO, Keir J Beadling, said, 'In an effort to limit crowd impact on the Half Moon Bay area and coastal ecosystems, we are encouraging all Mavericks fans to watch the contest via free live webcast and by attending our live viewing party at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Both options provide a much better viewing experience than the view from the beach.'

For those still wanting to stand on the beach and scan the sea for the action, he asks, 'Please be respectful and cautious of the natural environment, and leave no trace.'

This year, the decision of when to call the contest during the official window of November 1, 2009, to March 31, 2010, is in the hands of the surfers themselves. A contest pow-wow was held just days after the opening ceremony when storms were forecast, but on a close call, they voted against.

Thanksgiving also produced great surfing without a contest.

Reigning champion is Greg Long of San Clemente, who won in 2008, there being no 2009 contest earlier this year due to a particularly quiet Pacific Ocean during the limited 'window' of January 1 to March 31.

Sony Ericsson and Barracuda Networks are presenting the contest with a rollover record prize of $150,000.

For further info:
Tickets for the AT&T Park can be purchased for $20 in advance, $25 at the Giants' AT&T Park, or online at

pic of the Opening Ceremony by Chris Flowers

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