Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year Valentine

Wandering through Macy's on New Year's Eve I suddenly saw...Valentine cards! Not just one or two but stacks of them. Two whole card sections devoted to Red Romance.

In the background were the Christmas trees stripped bare - still trying to find a good home at 75 per cent reduction. Decorations still sat in sale boxes.

Outside in the animated windows, the skating furry animals muffled in their woolly hats and scarves continued to twirl on ice in their winter wonderland.

But inside, the Christmas cards were gone. The world rolls on. Love is in the air. Champagne, flowers and great red hearts - and don't forget your pooch's valentine.

I'm holding a Hot Cross Bun party. If anyone would like to join me next week...

PS I have now noticed that our local Safeway and Borders are also in the Red!

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