Friday, January 4, 2008

Storm Morning

The storm is the big story here this morning. KTVU devoted hours to live reporting and continue on-line. The San Fran Chronicle likewise is giving extensive coverage.

In San fran the storm has brought about one inch of rain so far and some power outages.

Around parts of the city and over the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge winds were at 70 mph and a gust of 72 mph was recorded, just 2 mph below hurricane strength.

The Golden Gate Transit bus and ferry service has shut down. A tunnel leading to the Golden Gate Bridge and two bridge lanes have also been closed

The Bay ferries remain in port apart from the Almeda/Oakland Ferry, and across the Bay two BART trains have hit tree branches on the lines. Tram and cable car services have also been affected.

The airport is seeing a lot of delayed or cancelled flights.

Conditions are worse of course in other areas around California. According to the San Fran Chronicle up to eight inches of rain has fallen in some places and over half a million customers are without power in the region as a whole.

But gazing at the storm from near the centre of the city early this morning, people were walking with umbrellas up, which suggested a moderate wind. Given the forecast, it was surprising to see so many people out and about on foot and in cars, and many trains running.

In an empty apartment across from us, a window was left open and the wind forced the blinds out over the street. They dangled for a while and finally were torn from their rail. Fortunately no-one was injured as they hurtled down.

Today we are seeing the second wave of storms that will run over the weekend.

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