Saturday, January 5, 2008

Zoo Wall for Polar Bears Too Short

It has now been reported that the height of the wall at the polar bear enclosure at the San Fran zoo is also below national guidelines.

The San Fran Chronicle say that the zoo admitted that they are putting in a chain-link fence that will raise the wall to 16ft. The zoo are also working closely with the police so that any future emergency - perish the thought - will have a coordinated response. Police officers are familiarising themselves with the lay out of the zoo and the local station is to have entry keys.

Meanwhile the Daily Mail has produced a horrific report detailing the cruelty of zoos in China. As a tourist attraction visitors feed live animals to lions and tigers. In one particular activity, people dangle a live chicken tied to a bamboo pole over the lions. The sport is to tantalise the lions and wait for them to catch and devour the prey.

But this report highlights something: the public are safe while aggravating Big Cats. And there are a lot more lions and tigers in multiple zoos in China than in San Francisco zoo.

A visitor to the zoo on that fateful Christmas Day has said she saw two of the three boys mauled by the tiger, 'roaring' at the animal, though the boys have denied it.

The zoo's Director has said 'Something prompted our tiger to leap over the exhibit'.

It is no excuse for a tiger on the loose.

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