Monday, April 7, 2008

Golden Gate Bridge Protest

The Golden Gate Bridge had extra colour this morning - when protesters hung two banners and two Tibetan flags from one of its towers. The banners proclaimed: One World, One Dream, Free Tibet 08.

The report with pics in the San Fran Chronicle says the banners were hung by members of Students for a Free Tibet. Three of them, two men and a woman, climbed up one of the bridge's towers 150 ft over the road and 370 ft above the water. They had concealed their climbing gear from security cameras by smuggling it onto the bridge in a baby buggy.

They were arrested after they climbed down and five other group members were also rounded up by police. Traffic over the bridge is slow and pedestrian access has been stopped.

Protests over China's human rights records are hotting up around the world and the Olympic Torch is due here on Wednesday.

The Tibetan Freedom Torch arrives here tomorrow with events beginning at 11 am in the United Nations Plaza by the Civic Center.

Pic shows a Tibetan flag waved by protesters at the Global Human Rights Rally in Union Square on Saturday

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Bill Shireman said...

Thx for being the ONLY site that mentions the time/place of today's Tibetan torch relay,11 am at UN Plaza, in my loooong (120 second)Google search. Note to the organizers: make it impossible NOT to find!