Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hillary Speeds Past!

We were sitting absorbed in the internet in our favourite bakery, Panera Bread, last night when police motorcyclists stopped outside and blocked off the major intersection.

Blue flashing lights coloured the street. And I remembered the evening newscast that Hillary was in the Bay Area. Not San Francisco, but nearby.

Could it be?

As I hovered at the window two young guys were at a table next to me.

'Could be Hillary,' said one. 'All the bigwigs stay at the St. Regis. I work near there. I see these caravans all the time,' he said with nonchalence.

Suddenly a cavalcade of cars passed. Red and blue lights here and gone in seconds.

'That was impressive!' I said. 'If they have had to organise a route like that that crosses roads and traffic lights for quite a distance.'

'That's the Secret Service,' said the second guy sounding equally cool and knowledgable. 'They do it all the time. They're very good at it!'

Half a minute later, and a cluster of patrol cars were outside the window.

'You don't normally see those in the city,' said the second guy continuing his commentary for my benefit. He was referring to a certain type of patrol car.

I reflected on the way home: are fame and power worth it, especially today when security risks are so high? To not even be able to be driven at normal speeds in a car surrounded by police and Secret Service personnel?

But was it even Hillary?

Yes! The early news broadcast this morning from NBC11 told us Hillary was due at a fundraising breakfast in the financial district at 8 am. The bomb squad had been checking out the area at 5 am.

Last night she was at a private function in Menlo Park. According to google maps she was about 32 miles south of the city and it would take a normal motorist about 39 mins to drive here, or 55 mins in traffic.

How long did Hillary take? Five minutes perhaps?!! Whatever, it was a magnificent, dramatic display.

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