Friday, April 4, 2008

Olympic Torchbearers

San Fran residents are waiting excitedly for Mayor Gavin Newsom to release the final names of the 80 people who have been chosen to be Olympic Torchbearers, according to a report in the San Fran Chronicle.

Almost half have already been chosen by a novel method: writing an essay. The essay title followed the theme of the Torch relay, 'Sustainable Journey.'

The idea behind the essay was to give as many people as possible the opportunity to take part. Writers were given broad scope within the subject.

They could submit prose on what sustains them on their personal journey, how they are making their community, country or world more sustainable, or how they are helping San Fran's sustainable journey.

Those who triumphed with their pen include a 75-year-old Russian Jewish refugee who is about to make his fourth Torch run, a Franciscan nun, a blind woman, a professional skateboarder, a cancer survivor and several former Olympians.

In all, 536 people hoped to be a torchbearer. After Wednesday's ceremonies, which are expected to attract thousands of human rights protesters for what is becoming the most controversial Olympics ever, they will be able to keep their torches.

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