Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Macworld Conference and Expo 2009 (3)

There are feelings that this Macworld may reflect a decline in the quality of the conference and that the peak may have been as far back 2001. (see previous blogs)

One person who shares this view is Justine, an attractive, vivacious San Francisco blogger who I bumped into in the conference foyer. (See her blog, iJustine.com, for a great summary of the Apple roll-outs and some fun pics)

'I feel like this year the energy is just lacking as oppposed to more of the other years. Steve didn't do the keynote and they didn't really announce anything that was new or very impressive,' she said.

'You'll never be able to top the first release of the iPhone. It was the best day of my life...I cried!' she confessed.

I caught her in the throes of conversation with Scott who was making his first visit to Macworld but who, paradoxically, might find with hindsight he was at the centre of news-in-the-making.

He overhead a conversation among some of the organizers discussing whether the conference will continue now that Apple have withdrawn. At the same time, he was anxious not to spread rumours as these were purely speculative thoughts by people whom he didn't know.

The other side of the Apple coin, conferred Scott and Justine, is that people tend to think Apple have organized the conference when it's IDG, and that Apple have tended to 'steal the thunder.'

Maybe interesting days ahead!

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