Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Macworld Conference and Expo 2009 (5)

For some people attending the Macworld Conference and Expo part of the fun is being in a group. (see previous blogs)

Like Sheldon and friends Lynne, Sam, Bob and Hal, who had journeyed up to 40 miles to be there.

'We met up here although we do the conference separately, and just went to lunch together which was by far the best part!' he said.

Sheldon has two reasons for attending.

'I always like to see if there's anything new,' he said, not only with Apple but on the periphery, and he also takes the opportunity to approach vendors with questions if he is having tech problems.

His friend, Sam, is attracted to Macworld for the new software.

'I always like to hear the presentations on that because they do such a good job of showing the capability, and then I like to window-shop for all the hardware,' he said.

Another group were Jason, Mark, Sara, Alisha and Nicole from the Bay Area.

'It's awesome!' said Mark. 'A lot of cool stuff to see. It's cool to get your hands on stuff and try it out.

'There are a lot of cool deals,' he added, but the schwag is lacking!' - 'schwag' being freebies.

And then the unthinkable occurred.

'I'm a PC person,' said Alisha. 'Me too!' said Nicole.

'Traitors!' I said.

'Traitors!!!' they expostulated. Surrounded by thousands of Mac devotees, their courage was undeniable.

'Doesn't it make you want to switch?' said Mark.

'No!' said Alisha.

'It makes me want to have both - if I had the money!' said Nicole.

She, at least, can be worked on!

pics show: Sheldon, Lynne, Sam, Hal, Bob.
Jason, Mark, Sara, Alisha, Nicole.

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