Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Macworld Conference and Expo 2009

'This was my first visit to Macworld, so this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen,' said Fred from Chicago who tumbled out of bed at 4 am this morning, walked one-and-a-half miles through the city and queued for five hours - to hear the keynote speech!

When he arrived in the dark at the Moscone Center where the Macworld Conference and Expo are taking place, he was far from alone. There were about 150 people already there, the first ones having lined up from yesterday morning, he said.

This year's conference is distinctive for the fact that Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, is not there amidst media discussions about his health, and also for the fact that this will be the last Macworld with Apple participating.

The keynote speech was delivered instead by Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, whose chief announcement of new products concerned the lightest and thinnest 17-inch MacBook Pro.

So for Apple fans there is a lot to discuss.

How did Phil fare?

'I thought the speech was like going to see a movie show or a famous band...a media event,' said Fred.

'I work in iLife...there were a couple of things I thought were going to be announced (but weren't)...I sat on the 'edge of my seat, I did not sit back at all. And Tony Bennett was great!' he said.

Singer Tony Bennett brought the keynote to an end with songs 'The Best is Yet to Come' and a farewell of 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco'. Where else!!!

Fred's summary of Phil: 'It was great to see Phil...he was simple but yet fun and he kept your attention. I like his personality.'

What was Fred there for in particular?

'I want to buy a new Desktop computer, I'm looking for iMacs, a MacMini, a new LCD display. There's a 24-inch with a non-glossy screen but I was hoping they would do a 30-inch.'

And his opinion of the new MacBook Pro?

'I like it. You have to pay $50 to get the non-glossy screen,' he said, continuing, 'I was holding it. It's really light. You don't feel like you have a 17-inch powerhouse in your hand!'

For Fred, this is not only his first visit to MacWorld, but his first trip to San Francisco. Already he has seen Fisherman's Wharf but his eye is on the fabled cable cars.

'I want to ride on all the trolley cars because I love trains,' he said. But then his thoughts went back to the conference.

'I sent my co-workers pictures of the keynote. I'm like a little kid in a candy store. My fiancee is in Chicago and I didn't want to come by myself, but once I got here.....!!!!'

Other interviews follow shortly...

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