Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mavericks No Vote Tomorrow but Contest May Be On Sunday!

The Mavericks big-wave surf contest may now be held at Half Moon Bay on Sunday instead of Friday or Saturday.

Mavericks surfers have postponed voting on whether or not to call the contest. Yesterday, they were due to vote on Wednesday or Thursday for contests that would take place on Friday or Saturday.

When the much-anticipated 'contest call' is made by the 24 invitees to the Mavericks Surf Contest, they have just 24 hours to get there. The invitees are some of the world's greatest big-wave surfers, and this year's competition carries a record roll-over prize of $150,000.

Contest Co-director, Katherine Clark, said early this evening that the vote had been postponed to Friday, when they were hoping to predict a Pacific swell that would produce consistent 20ft waves throughout Sunday.

However, at the Opening Ceremony in November, veteran Mavericks surfer, Grant Washburn, described a wave with a 40 ft face as 'smallish' for Mavericks. His perfect wave was a smooth 50 footer. Anything over 60 ft, for the three-times contestant finalist who has been surfing there for 20 years, was too big!

'I don't want to get into that,' said Katherine, referring to the technicalities of wave measurement.

But she said she was referring to what is known as a  '20ft Hawaiian' wave, and the surfers would be happy with that.

Most of the surfers are already along the Californian coastline, with some in Hawaii and one in South Africa.

Contest sponsors are Sony Ericsson and Barracuda Networks.

For updates on the contest: maverickssurf.com

pics show the invitees and Alternates at the Opening Ceremony; Grant Washburn with 19-year-old Colin Dwyer of Pacifica, one of the Alternates

for Grant's interview at the Opening Ceremony:  

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