Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Queen Victoria Leaves San Franicisco After Maiden Visit

With three blasts of her horn, the Queen Victoria edged cautiously away from her berth near Fisherman's Wharf at about 6.45 pm tonight after just a few hours in the city.

Surrounded by police boats she sailed close to the end of Pier 39 where a crowd of about 50 people had assembled to watch and take photos.

Then she sailed gracefully and slowly into the bay, taking half an hour before she went under the Golden Gate Bridge on her way to Hawaii.

The Queen Victoria entered the bay under the bridge at about 6.30 am today on her maiden visit to the city, as part of a round-the-world cruise. She docked at Pier 35 Cruise Terminal on the Embarcadero with about 800 passengers disembarking, either to leave the ship or spend a short time in San Francisco. About 200 new passengers also joined the cruise.

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