Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rescue for Entangled Pier 39 Sea Lion Still Too Difficult

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The entangled Pier 39 sea lion that swum to Monterey was spotted this morning on a floating dock but could not be rescued, says Jim Oswald, spokesman for the Marine Mammal Center.

'He was spotted earlier this morning on a pontoon in a very difficult location,' said Jim, the difficulty being that the sea lion could easily have dived back into the water if approached by rescuers.

The center are going to continue to monitor him and do not know yet when a rescue attempt will be made.

'We need to give the animal some space still. We are keeping his health upmost and will attempt a rescue when it is actually possible,' said Jim.

The 'stand off' decision was made last Friday as the animal was becoming distressed, and amid fears that his escape attempts from rescuers was causing the fishing line to tighten.

The sea lion has eluded rescuers seven times since it was spotted in Monterey, having swum the near-100 miles to Moss Landing. Prior to that, it was first reported injured at Pier 39 late at night on the previous Friday, but slipped into the water before a rescue attempt was made.

pics from the Marine Mammal Center taken last week: the entangled sea lion is joined by another - Deborah Gabris; swimming in Moss Landing Harbor - Sherm Gloub; members of the Marine Mammal Center in Monterey with rescue equipment - Sherm Gloub

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