Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fisherman's Wharf Christmas Tree 2008

The city may be basking in a heatwave but that doesn't stop preparations for one of the most important visitors of the year: Father Christmas.

This morning, with a cheery wave, one of the city's workers was finishing the task of decorating this
enormous tree at the Entrance Plaza at Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf.

By this afternoon, hundreds of huge red and gold baubles were twinkling in the sun.

In all, the tree has 400 ornaments, 500 bows and 2,000 sparkling LED lights, and is decorated around its base with 'presents' wrapped in red, green and gold paper.

The lighting ceremony originally set for tomorrow has been changed, as the poster shows, to next Sunday, November 23.

It will be a grand family occasion with musical entertainment reflecting traditions of Christmas, the Jewish celebration of Chanukah, and Kwanzaa, the first African American holiday which was formed in 1966 and, according to Wikipedia, has its roots in the black nationalist movement.

There are free activities for children including face painting, letters to Santa, crafts and photos with Santa.

The afternoon's events start at 1 pm and continue to 6 pm with the lighting ceremony taking place at 5.30 pm. This year's guest who will light the tree is NBC Bay Area's Chief Meteorologist, John Farley.

The tree and entertainment is sponsored by the local newspaper, The Examiner, and companies Coca-Cola, Crystal Geyser ALPINE SPRING WATER, Telemundo, Intera and Crocpond.

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