Sunday, November 9, 2008

Paris Hilton Launches New Perfume

Looking like Fairy Tinkerbell herself, Paris Hilton enchanted hundreds of fans yesterday in Macy's store.

There to promote her new perfume, Fairy Dust, she was signing autographs and posing for pics with the first 300 people to purchase her gift pack.

With an hour's late arrival, she emerged at about 1 pm from behind a curtain in the perfume department to
applause, the excited clicking of cameras and frantic waving of cell phones as the crowd strained to capture a glimpse or an image of her.

The queue of people filled several aisles and stretched almost to the doors.

Paris was introduced by Macy's West President, Harvey Harrison. He described her as an artist, actress, author and clothing designer and said she had produced a scent to 'capture her fairytale life.'

Wearing a dress with a low-cut white bodice, sexy centre peephole! and pale sea-green skirt, Paris welcomed the crowd, gave a coy little wave and sat down at her desk to begin signing autographs and posing for pics.

Around her was a troop of security men and two police officers.

First to step forward was Katie.

'I'm nervous. I really like her,' she said immediately afterwards, and you could see her trembling. She clutched a print of the Fairy Dust promotional poster which Paris had signed and the gift pack.

For the privilege of the occasion, Katie had paid $135 dollars. Inside the gift pack were three small bottles of Paris' perfumes, Heiress, Can Can and Fairy Dust, that retail at $45 dollars each, but also there were free bottles of Paris for women and Paris for men, two little black bags and a soft toy, Tinkerbell the chihuahua, modelled on Paris' pet.

What did Katie think of the new perfume?

'I love it!' she said, and she was led by staff to the far end of the department to wait to collect her prized photo with Paris.

Not far behind Katie was Regan. 'I love her! She's my favourite!' she enthused. Of the perfume, she said, 'It's the best perfume ever! It's great!'

Karla, carrying Bella the chihuahua, thought so too. 'She's hot! she said of Paris, and the perfume 'smells really, really good!'

But it seems not only were the young enamoured. One elderly lady queued in a wheelchair and when it came to her turn to have her photo taken with the heiress, Paris hopped down from the desk and posed with her arm around her.

Seeing Paris there, she looked prettier than in the heavily made-up posed shots of some of her videos and model pics, and with her blonde hair - and perfect teeth! - she did light up her signing area.

She chatted to her fans with a natural vivaciousness and I'm sure put some at their ease, and yes, she pouted for a few shots with the guys!

For Paris fans, they had a day to remember.

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