Saturday, November 15, 2008

Record Temperatures

San Francisco is basking in a record-breaking heatwave. Yesterday a 102-year-old record was broken as San Francisco's temperatures soared to 80F, according to a report on NBC11.

This was four degrees higher than the 76F recorded in 1906, the year of the Great Earthquake.

Today at 3 pm the temperatures were being recorded at 78F by the weather website, and it showed!

Thousands of people have flocked to Fisherman's Wharf, North Beach and along Crissy Field towards the Golden Gate Bridge
to take advantage of this Indian summer.

They are strolling, cycling, sunbathing on the grass and beach, with a few hardier ones taking a dip in the cold waters, and packing the ferry boats that tour the Bay.

Overhead, too, some have taken the opportunity of a cruise aboard an airship.

Temperatures tomorrow are forecast to reach 76F and to remain in the seventies until Wednesday when they will drop back into the sixties, and fall to 61F by Sunday of next week, according to

pics show: a summer idyll looking across Fisherman's Wharf with Alcatraz in the background; sunbathers packing the beach at Crissy Field; a few bobbing heads in the water at North Beach and an airship overhead.

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