Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Paris Hilton Launches New Perfume (2)

Paris Hilton appeared like Fairy Tinkerbell in Macy's to promote her new perfume, Fairy Dust. She signed autographs and posed for pics with the first 300 people to purchase a gift pack for $135 dollars but many more went just to glimpse her...see previous blog. Here are more interviews and a further report of the event.

'Im just here hanging out and seeing Paris Hilton as an extra!!!' said Bryson, tongue in cheek. He was standing with friends Doug and Kambiz.

What does he really think of her?

'She's hot! Good looks! Very beautiful! Sexy! he said.

The trio of lads had travelled across

the Bay in order to be there.

Agreeing with all of Bryson's epithets, Kambiz said, 'I just really came to see her.'

Likewise Doug. 'I came to see Paris!!' he said.

But the lads were in a side aisle rather than in the queue to buy perfume and have their photo with her.

'It's too expensive!' said Kambiz.

Life had indeed dealt them a cruel blow!

Near them, Liliana patiently held her chihuahua, Peanut, with the crowds pressing in all around her. Had she or Peanut come to see Paris?

'Both!' was the answer.

In another side aisle, Gwendolyn shone like the sun in a radiant yellow outfit. Describing herself as a 'singer, actress and sculptress,' she said, 'I'm here because I was so impressed at her perfume. I have lots of her products and I'm not allergic to it.'

Gwendolyn is such a fan that when Paris was jailed for drunk driving, she said she wrote to the prison to ask them to let her out.

'I think she has a lot of heart and she keeps going on despite every day ups and downs. None of us are perfect!' she said.

Paris' appearance was scheduled for noon but the hour came and passed with no sign of her. The crowd kept peering in anticipation round heads and on tiptoe waiting for her to emerge at any second. As the hands on the clock drew closer to 1 pm a voice behind me suddenly launched into a derisive tirade on Paris and the world of celebrity.

I turned round to meet Steven, a young employee of Starbucks within the store, venting his anger at Paris' late arrival and what he saw as 'keeping stereotypical images.'

'It''s interesting how society builds people up to be someone everyone looks up to, and she's just taking her delicate time. She has a priority to sell her product and she's slacking,' he said.

Had he smelt the perfume? He had.

'It smells too much like flowers,' was his opinion.

In a scornful parting shot he said, 'Look at everyone standing round just waiting to see her!'

He obviously wouldn't be impressed by the online advertising blurb: 'It (the perfume) invites women of every age to believe that with a sprinkle of Fairy Dust dreams really can come true.'

Minutes later there was an announcement from the mini platform:

'She'll be here in 15 minutes and she's really, really excited to meet you guys!'

I wandered through to the back of the department. Staff were readying a table which was the collecting point for the celebrity photos. Close by, a perfume counter strategically sited opposite another entrance to the store displayed her perfume products.

Blanca stood at a small round table, bottle of Fairy Dust in hand, offering free squirts onto outstretched wrists and an explanation of what was going on.

She works for Parlux, the company who make the perfume.

'I am very proud to represent Paris Hilton. We are very happy to have her here today. We are thrilled,' she said.

'It is a very big compliment for Macy's.'

And then it was back to the crowd to finally await the appearance of the celebrity heiress herself....see previous blog.

pics show: Paris delighting a fan;Doug, Bryson and Kambiz; Steven; Blanca
For an album of pics click here

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