Monday, December 29, 2008

Bridge in Air

There was not only love in the air today! (see previous blog)

But with a ringing of bells and lowering of barriers, so too was the little drawbridge at 4th Street.

Gazing in fascination were three-year-old Sidney and seven-year-old Oscar who happened to be strolling nearby with mum, Jennifer.

Sidney and Oscar have just celebrated Hanukkah.

What did they have?

'A Fancy Nancy doll' said Sidney, and an 'Air Hawk helicopter,' said Oscar.

Jennifer explained that presents are given for Hanukkah in America but 'in Israel, not so much.'

What did the children think of the bridge?

'I don't know,' said Oscar, suddenly overcome by shyness, but Sidney knew no such bashfulness.

'The trains can fall down in the water!' she exclaimed.

As indeed they could. The bridge carries Muni trains and buses, cyclists and pedestrians over Mission Creek.

The raising of the bridge was for routine testing.

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