Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Israeli-Palestinian Protest - dinner in a war zone!

When John and Susan visited San Francisco they thought they would enjoy a romantic dinner for two.

But they didn't realise they had chosen a table in the middle of a mini Israeli-Palestinian war zone!

However, this friendly couple from Santa Cruz were unfazed last night as they sat in a hotel restaurant almost opposite the Israeli Consulate.

'We're eating calmly away, disregarding the rest of the world!' quipped John, as only a thin pane of glass separated him and Susan

from a seething tide of loud-chanting, banner-waving, drum thumping protesters decrying Israel's action in Gaza.

More than that, as the pics show, John and Susan virtually sat in on the incident of police questioning a drummer over the use of his hammer!

What did they think of the protest?

'Obama's got enough on his plate,' said John, unaware of his unintentioned pun. 'It's like a movie, one thing after another...the economic crisis, the Middle East blowing up...'

But then he reverted to a positive point.

'At least he (Obama) believes in diplomacy rather than shooting from the hip!'

And at least, too, with such a large slice of San Franciscan life, they were not suffering from indigestion.

A Happy and Peaceful New Year, John and Susan!

For an album of more pics click here

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