Friday, December 26, 2008

Post-Christmas Stroll

These two cute chihuahuas were walking off their Christmas celebrations along the Bay front early this morning.

Daphne, in red, and Sabrina, in blue, were out with mum Jan.

Did they have a good Christmas?

'They always do!' said Jan. 'I bought them these little chew things.'

But Daphne and Sabrina's life has not always been so happy.

'They're 'rescues', so they were very abused when they were babies,' said Jan, adding, 'we're from LA so they're LA girls!'

Daphne and Sabrina are now 11-years-old and were taken into Jan's home when they were aged one. They have been living in San Francisco for just under two years.

Often seen enjoying themselves on the Bay Front, they are a distinctive sight when being carried in Jan's double pannier as seen in the photo.

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