Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israeli-Palestinian Protest at Israeli Consulate (2)

Dina Wahbe balanced precariously on a fire hydrant outside the Israeli Consulate this evening, megaphone in hand, and led the chanting of hundreds of pro-Palestinian supporters. (see previous blog for first report)

Pausing to comment on the protest, she said, 'We need to let them (Israel) know we will continue to fight. We don't care how many bombs they drop.'

She was surrounded by swirling flags, placards and hundreds of demonstrators jostling on the sidewalk.

This was the second anti-Israeli demonstration in two days, this one being organised by the A.N.S.W.E.R - Act Now to Stop War and End Racism - Coalition and supported by various political groups.

One of the organizers was Nathalie Hrizi who had also been leading the chanting.

'I think it's fantastic,' she said of the turnout. 'More people are coming now, more people are feeling upset about what's happening in Gaza.'

She cited the numbers of people killed and injured in what she described as 'a year-long seige. It's a humanitarian disaster,' she said. But she was hopeful that the protests would bring an end to the war.

'I think the power of the people across the world have shown that the majority are against the war and that's the force that matters. We're going to stop the war.'

Not far from her was Dowa who said she was there 'to support Palestine.'

Did she have family there?

'All of them are our family,' she said first, though adding that she did have personal family members there.

pics show protesters with Nathalie Hrizi (top) and Dina Wahbe

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