Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blue Angels Pilots Sign Autographs

Though yesterday's Blue Angels' air display was cancelled, that did not stop several of the pilots and support team from later meeting fans to sign autographs.

People queued at Pier 39, some for nearly an hour in the fog-chilled evening air.

The Blue Angels spent from 7.15 - 7.45 pm at Pier 39, the team including seven pilots at the beginning of the row, and then other support crew including a doctor and mechanic.

Ten-year-old Jesse was determined to collect as many autographs as he could. He emerged with a trophy of all seven pilots' autographs inscribed on his sweatshirt!

'They're cool!' he said.

'They're awesome!' said his nine-year-old sister, Emily. 'I think they should keep up the good work.'

The Blue Angels have a second show scheduled as part of Fleet Week, fog permitting, this afternoon at 3 - 4 pm. However, the Bay Area family, with mum, Deborah, and dad, Eric, were not able to return today to see the second show, but even without the Blue Angels' display, had still enjoyed the day.

Twelve-year-old Alex said, 'I think they're awesome. that they do cool tricks!'

He was 'a little bit disappointed' not to have seen the Blue Angels that afternoon but had enjoyed the rest of the airshow.

What does he want to do when he is older?

'Be in the military,' he said. He was there with mum, Vicky, and dad, Elio.
'We're coming back

tomorrow,' said mum, Vicky. In fact, the Bay Area family were facing a very full day. They will also be participating in the 139th Italian Heritage Parade at Fisherman's Wharf, the city's oldest civic event, as Elio is of Italian descent and the first of his family to be born here.

Other entertainment at Pier 39 included a great Navy rock band, and what was titled as 'one man's tribute to the Blue Angels' - a Corvette C6 in Blue Angels artwork.

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