Thursday, October 15, 2009

President Obama in San Francisco Avoids Protestors

President Obama arrived in town early this evening as protesters with a panoply of costumes, colors and placards were in Union Square to meet him.

However, even the news media were left wondering where he was for a while.

The President, here for a Democratic Party fundraiser, arrived at SFO at about 5 pm, and pics - in previous blog - show his cavalcade entering the city on the Expressway at Mission Bay at 5.21 pm. But it was nearer 6.15 pm before he arrived at the Westin St Francis Hotel and went in through a side-door.

Code Pink, a women's protest group active in the city over the war, attempted to hang a banner over the side of the flagship Macy's store that faces the square. They were hoping to cover the Nike Women's Marathon banner that was already there.

Members of the group began to put their banner over the side of the terrace but were stopped before they could unfurl it completely.

Pictured here are Code Pink members Sherri and Cynthia, who were also protesting health care. The faint pic showing the attempt to hang the banner is a photo of the pic on Sherri's camera.

To meet President Obama at a reception, according to the politics blog of Carla Marinucci in the San Fran Chronicle, Democratic supporters have had to pay $500 or $1,000 for a seat in the VIP section.

A VIP dinner in the Penthouse with a presidential appearance cost $30,000 a couple.

NBC11 said the evening would raise $2 million.

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