Monday, October 19, 2009

Waterfall at Van Ness Muni Station

A waterfall cascaded down the steps of the Van Ness Muni station this afternoon, causing the closure of the station over the evening commute.

This pic is from the youtube video that was posted and that is receiving thousands of hits.

Torrential rain hit the city again this afternoon. Officially, at 5 pm rainfall was recorded at 0.03 inches, but certainly at Mission Bay it was much more than that.

Visibility was nil for quite some minutes as clouds burst, and as the rainstorm gradually moved south, lighter rain continued in its wake.

NBC11 showed youtube videos of flooding in San Francisco and other cities and towns in the Bay Area. The flooding was exacerbated, they reported, by the storm of last Tuesday from which the ground was still wet.

Last week's record-breaking storm set one-day record rainfalls for October of 2.48 inches in downtown San Francisco, and 2.64 inches at the airport, as well as causing damage.

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