Saturday, February 6, 2010

17th Annual KNBR 680 Giants FanFest - 2

Fans of the San Francisco Giants today were celebrating the approach of the 2010 season at the 17th Annual KNBR 680 Giants FanFest - see previous blog

For infielder Pablo Sandoval as he sat in one of the autograph booths, he not only met a fan, but one who looks like him!

'I've been told left and right I look like Pablo,' said Adan of San Francisco as he waited in line. And sure enough, even as he neared the table, one of

the Giants' staff glanced at him and said, 'You look similar to Pablo!'

Adan seems to be making baseball look-alikes the story of his life. Before Pablo, it was catcher Bengie Molina. Perhaps he has simply grown to be like them as he has been a fan 'since I was a little tiny one.'

'I was a Barry Bonds fan for a long time,' he said.
pics also of  Ryan Rohlinger & Manny Burriss

Esther, from the Bay Area, is also a 'Panda Bear' Sandoval fan, though she hadn't yet collected his autograph.
She's been a Giants fan since she was little. Her hopes for the season are 'A lot of wins. Just like they say, "Win, Baby!"'

Ashlee of San Jose and Taryn of the Bay Area were waiting in expectation at an empty autograph table, not knowing who was about to fill it.

Ashlee named Kevin Frandsen as her favourite player 'because he's from the Bay Area. He's a great player,' while Taryn plumped for 'Timmy'.

And $13 million? 'He's worth every penny!' they chorused.

Minutes later, they were excitedly collecting autographs from Dan Runzler, Alex Hinshaw and Buster Posey. (Taryn lt, Ashlee rt)

Tickets were also on sale today, with an offer of selected seats for as low as $5.

'Baseball is the best bargain you can get - for sports tickets!' said Rich from Marin County. He was up on the second tier, trying out the seats he, his brother Wayne, of San Francisco and friend, Mike, of Vallejo, had purchased. 

A single ticket where he was sitting costs $34, but in front of him were seats on sale for $2,772 for the season.

Great value, considering there are over 160 games to a season, and compared to football at $100 a game, thought Rich.

Rich is originally from Baltimore and moved to San Francisco in 1974. But his roots with the Giants go back to the 1950s.

'I have always followed Willie Mays. Willie Mays made me a Giants fan,' he said.

His prediction for this season? '86 to 90 game wins. We won about 86 last year. I don't think there will be much difference from last year.'  pic: top, Wayne, lt, Mike, rt, & Rich

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