Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mavericks 2009-2010 Big-Wave Surf Contest Voting Today on Valentine's Weekend contest

Mavs update just before midday:

some encouraging final #MAVS storm model data just came in, the boys're combing through that now.... 6 minutes ago reply

Fans of the annual big-wave surf competition, Mavericks, at Half Moon Bay, are holding their breath. Will it or won't it be a Valentine's Weekend surfing love fest?

The chosen 24 surfers - some of the best in the world - who will enter the contest are at this moment voting on whether to make The Call, and so have surfers and thousands of fans rushing to Half Moon Bay this weekend, or to the Giants' AT &T ballpark in San Francisco, or to turn to their TVs and computers.

The voting result will be announced at 12 pm today with a countdown in place.

Messages are being posted on the website. This tweet posted at 11.09 am today:

:) RT @PurringEngine: @Mavericks_Surf 55...54...53 about 1 minute ago reply

 And a second message: 


Stormsurf predict a swell of 20 ft Hawaiian, which is what Mavericks' organizers are looking for, to arrive on the coast on Saturday. 

Of the storm now crossing the Pacific, they say, 'The good thing on this one is that it is to be positioned fairly close to Northern CA, allowing all the energy the storm has to offer to reach the coast with minimal decay. The bad thing is that since it is so close, the resulting swell will be very raw upon arrival....Rough data suggests swell arrival in Northern CA on Saturday (2/13) at 20 ft Hawaiian from 280-285 degrees.'

Wavewatch on also predict 20 ft waves, but appear to show these arriving just after midnight on Saturday, ie in the very early hours of Sunday morning. 

Their chart shows waves on Saturday afternoon building up from 15 ft, peaking at 20 ft, and then subsiding to 15 ft just after midday on Sunday.

Everyone is holding their breath, including Mavericks CEO, Keir J Beadling, Contest Co-director, Katherine Clark, and presenters Sony Ericsson, and Barracuda Networks who are providing the biggest-ever roll-over prize purse of $150,000.

Greg Long of San Clemente, California, is the reigning champion from when the contest was last called in 2008.

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