Saturday, February 6, 2010

17th Annual KNBR 680 Giants FanFest

For thousands of San Francisco Giants' fans, today was an orange and black sizzler of a Saturday!

It was the day to celebrate the 17th Annual KNBR 680 Giants FanFest, a free open-house at the ballpark that enabled them to collect autographs from some of their favourite players, walk the ground and sit where their heroes sit, raise money for charity and set their thoughts on the 2010 season.

And it was free.

The star of the team, two-times winner in succession of the Cy Young Award, Tim Lincecum, was there early in the morning.

Even if fans didn't get his autograph, there was plenty of support for his request to raise his salary from $650,000 to a cool $13 million. The Giants have offered $8 million and the matter is set to go to arbitration this month.
'I'm excited!'  said Jessica from the Bay Area, relishing the atmosphere of the dugout for the first time and looking forward to the new season.

Asked if Tim Lincecum was worth $13 million...'Hell, yes!' she said, nearly jumping off the bench. And if he pulls off an incredible feat of winning the Cy Young Award for a third year in a row?

'I'm going to be ecstatic!" And then she would pay Tim $30 million. 'I think he should be paid what (Barry) Zito is getting paid, $120 million over six years, I believe that's what it is,' she said.

What are her expectations of this season?  'Hopefully, a winning season,' she said.

In line in one of the three autograph booths were Vida Blue, Roberto Kelly, Shawon Dunston and Mark Gardner. And queuing to see them were Megan, from San Francisco, and Lauren, from the Bay Area.

Their favourite players?

'Tim Lincecum,' said Megan. 'He's 'The Freak'!' she added simply, giving the reason for her choice. pic - Megan & Roberto Kelly

And worth $13 million?


Lauren picked pitcher Brian Wilson, 'because he's a darn good closer. He's not too bad looking, either!'

How do they think $13 million compares with other players?
The top-paid player in the US is Alex Rodriguez - A-Rod - of the New York Yankees at around $25 million, their friend, Robby, pitched in. And the average salary is $2 - $3 million a year, he said.

He wouldn't give Lincecum as much as $13 million. 'I think it's a bit much, but he does deserve at least the $8 million, maybe $10 million. He's a really good pitcher,' he reckoned.

Though if Lincecum gets a third Cy Young Award then he 'definitely' would be worth $13 million.

Robby's player of the season is Brian Wilson. 'His style is different to anyone else's, he's really nifty.'
pic - Robby & Shawon Dunston

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