Friday, July 3, 2009

San Francisco Giants July 4 Fireworks 2009

It was a triumphant display of the San Francisco Giants last night!

With the flash and boom of a trouncing success over the Houston Astros rebounding in the ballpark, the revelling ended beneath the sparkling explosions of a thrilling July 4 Weekend firework display.

The celebrations began when the Astros conceded defeat for the night at 13 - 0. The game was over at 9.45 pm. Fans with great views over the Bay stayed in their seats, while thousands of others spread out rejoicing around McCovey Cove.

They flanked the small harbour walls that jut out on the far side, lined the jetty at the back of the ballpark by the waiting ferry boats and filled the plaza area.

After five minutes another loud cheer arose as the stadium lights dimmed. Suddenly, the dark sky was lit by shimmering red, white and blue spheres sparkling in the sky. Purple, green, orange, gold and silver sparkles and streamers followed, then fiery explosions of all colours.

Victorious-sounding music blared from the stadium.

'Wait till it gets to the end! That's when it gets good!' said an enthusiastic guy behind to his friends.

As the fireworks progressed with multi-coloured shapes, there were claps from the crowd.

'Oh nice!' shouted the guy behind. Not once, but twice! No, thrice!!!' Four times, before he left to wander down the cove.

In the vivid flashes there were humorous smiley faces and a panoply that for a few seconds turned the bay emerald green.

Then, walking along the jetty, it was like standing beneath a golden heaven dotted with colourful sparks before the grand finale burst into the sky.

One celebrating couple leaned against the railings and had their pics taken against the backdrop of the finale.

'I'm stoked!' said Real Dad as he made his way towards the cove with Tabitha B 111.

'This was stupid! Doodoo! Dumb!' said Tabitha.

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