Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day Houseboat Party 2009

July 4 is
Independence Day, the 'birthday' of America, celebrating the date in 1776 when the final Declaration of Independence was signed, freeing the country from British rule.

It's a flag-waving Red, White and Blue day for picnic-ing, barbecues, family and friend get-togethers and fireworks.

In the Mission Bay part of the city, the unique houseboat community at Mission Creek threw a generous party for their friends and neighbours.

Julie, pictured above in the sundress, is the partner of harbour master, Craig. The houseboat community is 30 years old, and this is the first time that their annual summer party has been combined with July 4, she said.

'We invite friends to come down and see a little bit of San Francisco that they don't normally see,' she said. This year, too, they had reached out to the surrounding community of new residents in the condos and apartments that now face them on the opposite side of the creek.

'The thing about living here in this community is that it is such a wonderful community, everyone knows each other and helps each other out.

'So putting it together today everybody pitched in, it was such a group effort. And that's the way things work around here!' she said.

Looking around the laden tables was proof of everyone's hard work and generosity. The tables were laden with a huge variety of delicious dishes and adorned with displays of fresh flowers.

At the end of one of the tables was Linda, in a patriotic red jacket and blue-and-white striped top. One of the new residents from the other side of the creek, she said, 'We love being neighbours of the houseboat people. They're very gracious to include us in their festivities.

'We invaded them in the last two years and now they look at our buildings (instead of having a city view).'

Also patriotically decked in red, white and blue, was Angela. About to tuck into a large slice of water melon and other delectables, she said, 'I think it's nice for everybody to come out and relax, without a computer, under the Californian sun. Neighbours can get together and chat, especially at this tough time of the year.'

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