Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day Houseboat Party 2009 - 4

Among the houseboat residents at Mission Creek who had generously invited neighbours and friends to share in their July 4 celebrations were Glendora and Bob - see previous blogs

They have been living on a houseboat in the community for 30 years. Surveying the activities from beneath a blue umbrella, Glendora said

happily, ''The party is very well attended.'

Further down the bank, one of her neighbours, Amy, was spending the afternoon in the shade of a tree, spinning and weaving. What did she think of Independence Day?

'Dissent is not unpatriotic,' she said enigmatically, before disappearing to refill her plate.

Someone who didn't voice an opinion at all, but was very much enjoying herself, was Luce, a beautiful one-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog.

Dad and mum, Greg and Courtney, were guests at the party with their baby twins, Jonathan and Sophia.

'It's just been fun, it's a good get-together,' said Greg.

A great summing up of the afternoon's festivities came from Mike. Lounging cheerfully between Carla and Glenn, he said,

'This is what our forefathers meant for Independence Day: good times, good food, a good day!'

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