Friday, July 10, 2009

Jackson Neverland Ranch Ride at Giants County Fair - San Francisco

An amusement ride that once belonged to Michael Jackson at his Neverland Ranch is thrilling fans of the San Francisco Giants by the ballpark.

The Zipper, known as a tough ride for G-forces and random spinning, is part of the Giants County Fair at McCovey Cove, which opened yesterday and runs through to July 19 - see previous blog

'I can't believe that this ride would be in Neverland Ranch because it's pretty intense! I thought it was great. There are parts where you definitely don't know what's happening!' said Molly.

She rode the Zipper with friend, Jeff, now cradling his one-month-old baby son,

Casey, while his partner, Erin, and friend Gina took their turn. Casey, well-wrapped in blue jacket and hat and covered in a blanket, was on his first-ever outing - but wasn't about to ride the Zipper!

Minutes later, Erin and Gina, staggered dizzily off the ride.

'It's a crazy ride and it's too harsh. If you were 12 it would be too hard,' gasped new mum, Erin. 'I think it takes a lot of muscle!'

A light-hearted debate started up as to whether 12-year-olds would love or hate the ride, with Gina saying that she thought youngsters would find it exciting. 'But as a 35-year-old woman, it's far too hard for my bones!' she exclaimed.

Jeff, standing on the side with Casey, said, 'I had a blast!'

What did they think of having ridden on something that once belonged to Michael Jackson?

'I don't know if I believe it,' was Gina's understandably cautious remark. 'If it's true - amazing!!!'

My info that the Zipper was from Neverland Ranch came from Evie who was supervising the Giants Guest Services tent at the fair. Jeff, too, had been told by one of the security guys at the gate that it was Jackson's ride.

'He sold it because he needed the money,' was what Jeff was told.

***The Zipper is a complex ride with an oblong bar, known as a boom, that rotates like a ferris wheel with capsules that not only move around the edge but spin randomly.

Described as 'untamed, mechanical chaos in its purest form' - - it was designed in 1968 by Chance Rides Manufacturing, Inc., in Kansas. Earlier models were nearly double today's speeds but have been said to have caused whiplash and back injuries and even heart attacks.

Wikipedia reports four deaths connected with faulty door mechanisms in the early years and a similar accident causing serious injury to two girls in 2006.

The ride was named, it says, because the 'odd, apostrophe-shaped capsules, spaced evenly along the perimeter of the boom, look very much like the rows of interlocking teeth on a zipper.'

Pics show the Zipper; Molly (lt) and Gina (rt)

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