Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day Houseboat Party 2009 - 2

'Here we are in the midst of what is supposedly a very sophisticated city and this is a glimpse of small town Americana,' said Don.

'This is what we are all nostalgic for. But,' he added, 'it probably never existed! We remember things better than they really were!'

Don was standing with his wife, Judy, and friends Jerry

and Jackie, along the sunny banks of Mission Creek among the houseboat community celebrations of Independence Day - see previous blog

His comment spurred an enthusiastic response from Jerry. 'That's a very good word, Americana,' he said, reminiscing. 'It's like a 49-er game, before the games we 'tailgate.'

Both couples live opposite the houseboats and were appreciative guests at the party. 'I'm so thrilled to meet my neighbours here across the creek and share our birthday with them,' said Judy.

While Jerry, holding Wafer, their chihuahua, in his red coat who is four-years-old next month, and Jackie commented: 'It's our first 4th of July party here and we're having a wonderful time. The food's not bad either!'

They were joined by Barbara. 'It's my 4th July outfit!' she said. She gave a twirl in her red, white and blue dangling earrings and tee-shirt of cats in patriotic hats, a feline celebration of Independence Day.

'I collect these shirts. I have some from all over the world,' she said, referring specifically to cat designs.

pics: Judy, Jerry, Wafer, Jackie, Don; picnic-ing in the sun; an unknown guest peeking out from a comfy bed; Barbara in perfect 4th July attire

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