Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Premier of Mavericks Big Wave Surfing TV Show

A TV show featuring some of the world's best big wave surfers and their rides at Mavericks is being premiered on FUEL TV in August.

Titled 'The Very Best of Mavericks', the show will be a thrilling spectacle of surfing one of the most dangerous waves in the world.

Mavericks is at Half Moon Bay, about an hour from San Francisco, where waves can swell to as high as 50 ft with strong currents, dangerous rocks and very cold temperatures.

The TV premier is on August 27 at 5 pm Pacific Time. It will be screened throughout the rest of August and into the first two weeks of September.

'Program your VCR, set your Tivo, ask your grandmother to call you, write it down on a sticky note - do whatever you gotta do....But don't miss "The Very Best of Mavericks"...'! say the Mavericks team.

For the TV schedule:

For the first time, the Mavericks Surf Contest season is to open in November. From November 1, 24 of the world's top big wave surfers who have been specially selected will remain on 24-hour alert waiting for mega waves to roll in from the Pacific. The contest season lasts until the end of March.

Last season there was no contest due to the lack of waves. The 2008 Mavericks champion is Greg Long of San Clemente.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. This isn't the first time the contest season opens Nov. 1. The original contests sponsored by Quicksilver opened in Nov. Prior to being forced out as contest director this year, Jeff Clark (Mavs pioneer) tried like crazy to open it in Nov., but the suits wouldn't do it cuz of lack of sponsors. The contest is deteriorating and without Clark it is a joke. But the waves will pound on and the real surfers will always be out there.