Friday, July 3, 2009

Independence Day Weekend- Driving!

For many San Franciscans this year, the Independence Day weekend provided a hopeful Thursday evening escape from the city.

But as thousands headed towards Lake Tahoe, the scenic resort in the Sierra Nevada mountains, it was a holiday start of heavy traffic queues.

With Independence Day falling on Saturday, many people had Friday off in lieu and, dreaming of a peaceful mountain and lake retreat, were trying to leave the city in droves by 4 pm.

What is officially described as an average four-hour journey took 5 1/2 hours, crawling slowly along car-logged roads and navigating roadworks.

By 4 pm there were queues of traffic on the approach to the Bay Bridge. Once on the Bridge, the heavy traffic flowed until we reached Emeryville on the other side. Then we slowed and progressed bumper to bumper, side by side, to the state's capital of Sacramento, about 80 miles away.

It was a beautiful, hot evening as we journeyed. But with other roadworks, including some on bridges not far from Truckee, we saw the sun set across the mountains and arrived at our hotel in the dark.

Forget lakeside dining in North Lake Tahoe, we spent it snacking in the car instead!

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