Friday, April 9, 2010

Giants Ready for Opening Home Game After Weeks of Banner Displays and Ground Preparation!

Fever is mounting as the Giants are due to play their opening home game against the Atlanta Braves in a few hours time before a sell-out crowd.

The Opening Pitcher is still being kept as a 'mystery man'.
But for weeks now, around the streets of San Francisco there has been no doubt that the Giants are coming back, and with a vengeance, as bright orange banners of their top pitchers have filled the air. Especially along the Embarcadero forming an orange avenue just up from the ballpark and towards the Bay Bridge.
While two-time Cy Young Award winner, Tim Lincecum, has had special MUNI honour. His poster has been placed on the side of  MUNI trains so Tim has been seen in action gliding around the city!

'There's Magic Inside' is the theme.
'Panda' is Pablo Sandoval. 'There's Nasty Inside' is Brian Wilson, 'Fire' is Matt Cain, and 'Hook' is Barry Zito.

By yesterday afternoon the ballpark was taped up and ready. Inside, the grass was glistening green, the pitch levelled and smooth and impeccably prepared after weeks of hard work by Head Groundsman Greg Elliott and his team.

The game starts at 1.35 pm. After three days of playing the Atlanta Braves, the Giants immediately move on to challenge the Pittsburgh Pirates, also at home. Earlier this week they beat the Houston Astros 10-4  in their opening games of the season.

Tomorrow is the Cy Young Award night when Tim Lincecum will be presented with his award at 6.30 pm before the game. At the end of the game will be fireworks, one of the Giants' popular extravaganzas that light up the Bay and McCovey Cove.

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