Saturday, April 10, 2010

SF Giants Fans Celebrate Opening Day 2010 in Style!

The SF Giants fans know how to celebrate their Opening Day in style. And with a breathtaking win over the Atlanta Braves, giving them an unbroken run so far, there was plenty to celebrate.....see previous blogs

Six-month-old Arielly, though, in baby-pink Giants' outfit, was not concerned with numbers as she

dangled happily in front of her father, Julio. She was making her debut appearance.

'She's happy to be here for her first game. She has five more games to go this year,' said Julio. Julio, there also with his brother-in-law, Marcos, has been a fan 'since I was her age.'

His favourite memory?

Will Clark's base hit in the play-offs against the Chicago Cubs in 1989.

In more exuberant manner, Bob, Jim and Billy from the Bay Area were having a blast! 'I just bought this shirt today,' said Jim. All three are confident that the Giants' will get to the play-offs.

And Stephen brightened up the Arcade area with his Pablo 'Panda' Sandoval costume. Does he often go out dressed like that?

'Yeah!' he said. With the Giants trailing 4-2 at the time and the end of the ninth inning approaching, he shrugged off the game as 'been okay!' Just before Benjie Molina gave a good hit and made a run to first base that put the fans hearts in mouths and raised the tension.

 Behind the Arcade was McCovey Cove where boaters celebrated in their own style on the water.

But it wasn't just fireworks, streamers, fighter jets and excitement in the air at the ballpark that afternoon. It was good old-fashioned love! Three guys proposed to their girlfriends via jumbotron messages.

As 42,940 fans poured exultantly out of the ballpark,
they savoured a 5-4 victory over the Atlanta Braves in a record-breaking near four-and-a-quarter-hour Opening Day game.

It is the longest home opener in San Francisco history, the Giants later announced on their website.

'The thing we like,' said Ted, speaking on behalf of his friend and himself, 'is that there's no clock in baseball.'

Unless, of course, he added, it got to midnight and then someone might call it a night!

'Everything in America is fast, fast, fast. But this game is 160 years old,' he said, and so not designed around clocks.

His tee-shirt summed up the feelings of the fans.

Had he played hooky to watch the game, and how many people did he think had?

'I'm self-employed,' he replied, 'and many around here are.' But out of the crowd in the ballpark, 'probably a third to a half,' he reckoned.

Tonight pitcher Tim Lincecum will be presented with the Cy Young Award trophy, his second consecutive year of winning it. The presentation takes place at 6.30 pm followed by the second game against the Atlantia Braves. At the end of which, there will be fireworks at McCovey Cove featuring a musical tribute to Lincecum

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