Monday, April 5, 2010

SF Giants Opener Against Houston Astros - Free Viewing at AT & T Park

It didn't need the sun, although it shone beautifully, to bring out the smiles on the faces of thousands of Giants' fans as they celebrated the opening of the 2010 season at the AT & T baseball park this afternoon.

The Giants were playing their opening game in Houston against the Astros and a free event with hotdogs, giveaways and autograph signings of former players were part of a jumobotron viewing party.

The gates at the Willie Mays Plaza opened at 3 pm and three thousand hotdogs were given away. Christin and Garron were about to tuck in. 'I love that!' Christin said of the hotdog offer.  'That's what got us walking in!'

'Fantastic!' agreed Garron. The couple work opposite the ballpark. However, Christin really does have more of an interest in the Giants than food! A San Franciscan, she is a lifelong, diehard fan who has endured many a weather-beating at the Giants' former home at Candlestick Park.

'We used to laugh at the tourists who came in their tee-shirts and shorts. We don't have to do that here, it's so warm and sunny,' she said.

Today, with the opening of the season, the Giants are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of their move from Candlestick to the AT & T Park.

Garron describes himself as a 'recent transplant' to the city. His loyalties are with the Atlanta Brewers but he had plenty of compliments for the Giants. 'I've always liked the Giants. They weren't one of my hated teams,' he said.

The game started just after 4 pm with Cy Young Award winning pitcher Tim Lincecum on the mound in Houston.

But not before a presidential Opening Pitch had been thrown by George H.W. Bush.

It wasn't long before the fans in the ballpark in San Francisco were cheering for the home runs. When John Bowker got an RBI - Run batted in, Mark, (lt), and Sean were jubilant!

With the Giants already in the lead by 3-0, there was much to celebrate!

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