Monday, April 5, 2010

SF Giants Opening Game of 2010 Season Celebrated at AT & T Park

The San Francisco Giants might have been thousands of miles away in Houston for their opening game of the 2010 season today, but the hearts of their fans were with them, hundreds cheering them on in their baseball park in the city.

A free event given by the Giants and Comcast SportsNet had fans celebrating at home...see previous blog.

Inside the ballpark, former players Vida Blue and Jeffrey 'HacMan' Leonard were thrilling fans by signing autographs.

'I'm just glad to meet them because I've seen them play a couple of years ago on television,' said 18-year-old Nicholas from the Bay Area...pic with Jeffrey Leonard.

And seven-year-old Nathan now has a bat with a difference! Both players signed it for him...pic withVida Blue
'I don't know all the players but I know a lot of them from TV,' he said, giving a demonstration swing.

Does he play?

'I probably will next season because I signed up too late this year,' he said.

In the stands, as the game was progessing, was someone who must be a contender for one of the youngest-ever Giants fans.

Eight-month-old Isabella was there with mum, Jovan, and dad, Kenneth. And beautifully dressed for the occasion. Her headband

was handmade from a website Jovan had found online, and her jersey was from the Giants' store.

Is she going to be a Giants' fan was somewhat of a superfluous question.

'Yes she will be!' said Jovan and Kenneth in synch! 'Yes, she already is!' clarified Jovan. 'Last year I was pregnant with her and she came to a lot of games.'

Jovan has only been a Giants fan herself for about three years, through her husband, but Kenneth has followed the team for about 12 or 13 years.

His predictions for this season?

'I think Tim Lincecum is going to win a third Cy Young Award. If he wins a third one, I don't think the Giants can afford it. I hate to say it,' he said.

With just under an hour into the game, the Giants were winning 3-0.

'Can they hold it?'

'Yes, they will!' said Jovan and Kenneth.

And they were right....the game closed with a satisfying 5-2 victory to the Giants over the Astros. The next game is tomorrow afternoon.

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