Saturday, April 3, 2010

US Launch of Apple iPad Greeted with Great Excitement in San Francisco!

'This is beautiful! It's awesome!' said app developer Andreas Schobeo, almost moved to tears outside the Apple Store this morning as he held two iPads gently in his hands.

Andreas was seeing both the iPad and his app in action for the first time as the iPad was launched across the US today. By 9 am crowds who had  pre-ordered the iPad or were walk-ins were queuing around the block from the Apple Store.

Andreas had been one of three people to start queuing from about 11 pm last night. He spent the night- hours outside the store just above Market Street with about 12 others until 4 am when the crowds slowly began arriving.

But Andreas' emotional reaction was tangible. The first thing, he said, he was going to do with it was play Planet of the Zombies, which he'd already uploaded.

'What else, other than making out, are you going to do with it?!!' asked Brian Tong of in a fun, quirky interview but capturing the emotion.

'Cuddle it!' he said, bantering back. But no, he wouldn't do it for the cameras, that was for a private moment!!!

Andreas' app is '3banana'. It is like a notepad that collects texts, photos and location and is described on his site as: “If you’re looking for a simple way to take, store, and share notes in the cloud, 3banana makes organizing your notes easy with notes based on in-text hashtags.” - Lifehacker

Andreas, who is aged 30 years and from Zurich, Switzerland, living in San Fran, gave a demonstration of his app. 

Awestruck, he said of the iPad, 'I'm touching the future.' 

pics from Chris: flickr photostream of iPad launch

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