Friday, April 9, 2010

SF Giants Opening Home Game Ceremony 2010

The Giants' Opening Day ceremony befitted their beautiful stadium before a capacity crowd of 42,940 fans this afternoon.

The ceremonial Opening Pitch was thrown and caught by two 49er Hall of Famers, Jerry Rice and Steve Young.

Before that, as the national anthem was sung by singer-song writer Matt Nathanson-  Come On Get Higher - a pitch-sized Amercan flag was unfurled, two fighter jets flew overhead and streamers and fireworks cascaded into the air.

'That was sweet man!' exclaimed one fan.

The sparkling green pitch with its smoothed and sculptured soil areas invited play. But also not before all the players had been introduced to excited applause.

The 2010 season was truly underway!

Colours were presented by four members of the Police Mounted Unit. There was also a minute's silence for Giants' members who have died during the past year. Remembered were Rick Fragulia, an usher for 50 years, former pitcher Billy Hoeft, Ted Rosenberg, one of the original investors in the Giants, and Sue Burns, their largest shareholder and 'team mom.'
The Giants, said the announcer in a special tribute, said they would never forget their 'beloved Sue Burns and we will miss her every day.'

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