Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tim Lincecum Two Time Winner of Cy Young Award Presented with Trophy at AT & T Park

Tonight was Tim Lincecum's night.

The San Francisco Giants pitcher, one of the top pitchers in baseball,  was presented with the Cy Young Award for the second consecutive year before tonight's game against the Atlanta Braves at the AT & T Park.

Tim had had a 'spectacular season' said Mike Krukow, veteran Giants broadcaster and MC for the occasion. Holding the Cy Young trophy in his hands, Tim appeared overcome with emotion.

'Ummmm!' he said, and hesitated, flanked by the Giants and his proud father, Chris. A  nearly-full stadium of fans erupted in cheers and applause.

However, Tim found his voice after a minute and it was to his fans that he first gave credit. First of all, he said, he wanted to thank his fans 'who have given me so much support.'

'Also my team mates. Bengie's the biggest part of that,' he said, of catcher Bengie Molina. 

Winning the NL Cy Young Award back-to-back gives Tim an illustrious list of achievements: one of only four baseball players ever to win it back-to-back; the first player to win it twice in his first two full seasons in Major League Baseball; and the only Giant to win it twice.

Only one other Giant has ever won the award, and that was Mike McCormick in 1967. Tim, from Washington State, will be 26-years-old in June, and was the youngest-ever winner of the award when he first won it in 2008.

In February, a new contract was signed giving him $23 million over two years.

Before the presentation, a video of Tim receiving the award formally in New York in January was shown on the jumbotron.

Afterwards there were messages from Greg Maddux, Cy Young Award winner for four consecutive years in '92-'95; ex-Giants who won the award with other teams, Vida Blue in '71, and Gaylord Perry in '72 and '78 and, at 40 years, the oldest player to receive it; and Ken Griffey Jr. a record achiever of home runs and player from Tim's home team, the Seattle Mariners.

Pics shows Tim with his father and below Greg Maddux

The game then opened, the second of the series against the Atlanta Braves, whom the Giants beat in a historical home opener yesterday. After the game there will be fireworks with a musical tribute to Tim.

Tim is scheduled to play tomorrow on the day that
 will see celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the first game played at the AT &T Park, originally called Pacific Bell Park, with a reunion with the 2000 team including Barry Bonds, Ellis Burks and Jeff Kent.

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